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sunday18 Oct 2020

Google Is Expanding Live Business Information in Maps and Auto Updating Opening Hours using Duplex

Google is saying that during the pandemic more people used popular times and live busyness information, they saw engagement with these features rise 50 percent between March and May as more people tapped, scrolled and compared data to find the best days and times to go places.

So to tap into that demand they are increasing global coverage of this feature by five times compared to June 2020. This expansion includes more outdoor areas, like beaches and parks, and essential places, like grocery stores, gas stations, laundromats and pharmacies. Busyness information will surface in directions and right on the map—so you don’t even need to search for a specific place in order to see how busy it is. This will soon be available to Android, iOS and desktop users worldwide.

The problem is that this is not always the right info according to business owners. One, Two, etc. Expect more call from angry clients.

They are also planning to help people find accurate information about local businesses online, by using Duplex conversational technology. As we have mentioned earlier they are now calling businesses to automatically update business listings on Search and Maps with modified store hours and details like takeout or no-contact delivery. They began using Duplex to automatically update business information and add it to Search and Maps at scale in the U.S. last year.

I do hope they allow business owners to override this info from GMB.

In the coming months, people using Android and iOS devices globally will be able to use Live View, a feature that uses AR to help you find your way, to learn more about a restaurant, store or business.

Say you’re walking around a new neighborhood, and one boutique in particular captures your attention. You’ll be able to use Live View to quickly learn if it’s open, how busy it is, its star rating, and health and safety information if available. We saw this being tested a while back, looks like this is rolling out now.


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