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Would you like to introduce your product or service to the tl;dr Marketing community?

tl;dr Marketing is the best place for marketing related businesses to share their tools or services. Our audience consists of SEOs, PPC, Social Media and other digital marketing professionals. From founders, CEOs, VPs, marketing managers, bloggers, product managers, and other influential decision-makers in the marketing industry.

At the moment we offer only one type of sponsorship opportunity: placement in the daily feed on the homepage plus mention in our daily newsletter. The sponsored entry will be marked with a Sponsor tag as seen in these images.

I’m particularly interested in working with businesses with referral/affiliate programs who are willing to offer special deals to the tl;dr Marketing audience.

Ad copy details, I will need these from you.

  • Title: 100 characters max
  • Main Copy: 800 characters max, please note in collapsed /email view only around the 1st 140 characters will be visible.
  • URL: to your product or services
  • Media: can be an image PNG/JPEG/GIF (890×440 and under 1MB) OR a video (YouTube link only )

Please note that all links will have the following UTM tags:, if you don’t want these please let me know in advance.

All sponsored links will have the rel="sponsored" link attribute.

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