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Here is our take on why you should subscribe to this newsletter especially if you work in the digital marketing space.


One Stop Shop

your go-to destination to get all the latest news in digital marketing. Organic, Paid, Social Media, Email we cover all of them.

Short and to the Point

You won’t find long blog posts here, we give you our take on each digital marketing story that we find to be interesting.

Saves you Time

reading up on all the digital marketing news on various blogs, with this newsletter you get a short email with all the important bits.

Makes you Look Good

in front of your boss or clients because you are now always up-to-date on what is changing in the digital landscape.

Added to the top of my bookmarks. A terrific way to smartly keep up with SEO & marketing news while saving time


Cyrus Founder Zyppy

Saijo’s tl;dr newsletter has quickly become one of my main sources of information to keep up to date with recent news and trends in the tech/marketing space - it’s non-promotional and always on point, I can’t think why anyone in the space wouldn’t sign up...

Matthew Howells-Barby

Matthew Howells-Barby Director of Acquisition HubSpot

tl;dr marketing is one of the very few newsletters I subscribe to. It’s a fantastic resource for SEO and marketing professional to stay abreast of news and industry insights from various angles. I highly recommend subscribing.

Paul Shapiro

Paul Shapiro Technical SEO Director Condé Nast

tl;dr Marketing has become my go-to for catching up on SEO news and new Google features. The formatting of the site allows me to find the news I need easily, and fast!

Brian Freiesleben

Brian Freiesleben Senior SEO Analyst Merkle

tl;dr Marketing has quickly become of one my favourite, reliable sources to keep easily updated of top industry news and resources. A great work from Saijo!

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Aleyda Solis Founder Orainti

tl;dr Marketing has become my go-to for the quick morning pulse-check on what's happening. It's all signal, no noise and lets me quickly get on to working through my to-do list.

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Ian Howells Co-Founder Traffic Think Tank

I read almost no industry news, but I make sure to check out tl;drMarketing everyday. It’s the essential daily industry download.

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John-Henry Scherck Principal Consultant Growth Plays LLC

tl;drMarketing probably saves me 20 hours a week. Saijo doesn’t just include the highlight reel, but actually curates some nuggets I never would have found otherwise.

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Nick Eubanks Founder From The Future

When it comes to getting core digital marketing news without any fluff the tl;drMarketing newsletter is exactly what you want. I continually recommend it to people because it's simply the most digestible round up content I've ever come across. Keep up the amazing work Saijo!.

Big fan of tl;dr Marketing. I've joined quite a few newsletters and tl;dr covers industry news that most seem to miss. If you want to be on the pulse join Saijo's army of marketing leaders that value time and knowledge.

I don't usually look forward to newsletters as they can be overwhelming with information overload. But, what Saijo does with tl;drMarketing is magical. It's the only one I look forward to every weekday. He curates only the best articles and covers a wide range of topics in marketing.

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Suganthan Mohanadasan Digital Marketing Consultant

tl;dr Marketing is a great source of weekly news in the digital marketing industry. It's a great way to stay on top of industry news and trends.

tl;dr Marketing is my favourite curated digital marketing news roundup. Not too long, not too short. Just right!

The tl;dr newsletter is an essential digital marketing opt-in email. It contains relevant, action-packed, no fluff content. Saijo always finds unique information from a variety of publishers and social channels, making it a perfect addition to anyone wanting to stay up-to-date on industry news!