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The day we launched on ProductHunt, we were voted in the best product of the day!!!

TL;DR Marketing v2.0 - A daily feed of digital marketing news without the fluff. | Product Hunt Embed

What is tl;dr Marketing?

Every weekday you get an email from me with the latest updates covering organic, paid, social and other digital marketing topics that are super important.

There’s no fluff. There’s nothing like a 2000-word backstory on grannies fruit cake before you get to the ingredients and instructions on how to make the damn thing.

Nope, none of that.

What you get is a highly curated SEO Newsletter with summaries from the best sources and a link to them. It saves you time and helps keep you up to date.

You also get some commentary from me on those topics:

Cut upCrush with blade, releases juices more efficiently. one Sopophorous bean.


Who died and made you king?

My name is Saijo George, I am an SEO Consultant & run the SEO division at Supple a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne, Australia. I dabble in side projects for fame and fortune.

Some of my popular projects include AllTheFreeStock, CSS Puns, CodeMyUI, list of SEO tools, FAQ Schema Generator, you can check out my other projects here.

I have seen the legends of the SEO industry covering industry news be it Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Roundtable, the amazing Glenn Gabe’s tweets, Aleyda Solis with her Crawling Mondays, Bill Slawski picking apart SEO related patents on SEO by the Sea, Cyrus with his tweets, and all the unsung heroes and heroines of the SEO Twitterverse, …. I hope to follow in their footsteps.

How did you start tl;dr Marketing?

I used to brief colleagues at Envato and Supple on what’s new in search through meetings IRL and Slack/Skype messages. I also give monthly talks at the Melbourne SEO Meetup on what’s new in search.

Eventually, I decided to start a newsletter with that content and that’s how tl;dr Marketing was born.

It’s taken on many formats and designs over time. I have used services like elink, curated, getrevue, custom react solution, and now it’s on WordPress.

What’s your plan for tl;dr Marketing?

Flip it and buy a Lambo!

If you’ve ever watched Bitcoin Moguls you know owning a Lamborghini is living the life.

But seriously, I’ll run SEO experiments and tests on the site, and continue to learn and share from it. I’ve implemented AMP Stories, Email Schema, Speakable and more with the launch of tl;dr Marketing and will continue to test the latest tactics as I come across them.

Can we run ads on tl;dr Marketing?

Of course, you can! Lambo’s ain’t cheap, ya know.

Lookup details for advertising on our sponsor page.

Thanks to : 

I was always fascinated by the awesome work people like Sacha Greif does with and Tamas Sari does with and this site is heavily inspired by those. 

In the early days of tl;dr Marketing David Iwanow was kind to have a chat with me giving his thoughts and opinions on how to grow the site, I am super grateful to him for taking the time to do that. 

I also want to give credits to the following items that we used on the site: we have used this font called Tuesday Night for a certificate on the site. A certificate stock image from Freepik. The Baremetrics date range picker

The following developers and designers: Maciej, Rafi, Aneesh, Sreejith, Ashish. 

Dan and Jade for email marketing tips.

Mark Crosling with the copy. 

Easter Eggs:

Does Konami mean anything to you? 

Infinite scroll is a myth.

404 can be fun