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monday7 Sep 2020

Sitebulb’s New Structured Data Report Enables Extraction and Validation on Every Page of Your Website

Sitebulb’s v4 release includes a feature for checking what structured data is present and automatically validating it against Google and guidelines. All you need to do is tick one box during the audit setup, and Sitebulb will collect all the structured data as it crawls the site.

It validates against Google’s own documentation to determine eligibility for Search Results Features, and separately validates against guidelines.

Sitebulb aggregates issues across multiple pages, so you can pick out the specific template error. You can also drill down into individual page level data, where you can dig into the markup, with all the issues and errors highlighted for all entities found on the page.

Not only that, but their standalone Structured Data Checker tool allows you to write and fix structured data markup on the fly, providing a complete replacement for Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.


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