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thursday16 Jan 2020

LinkedIn Live for Pages and More Rolled Out for Company Pages

Today, LinkedIn is announcing several new features for LinkedIn Pages including Invite to follow, LinkedIn Live integration and more.

  • Invite to Follow: allows you to invite first-degree Profile connections to follow your organization’s Page. To avoid invite spamming, there is a cap of 50 invites per day.
  • Stream with LinkedIn Live: LinkedIn Live is now available for LinkedIn Pages, allowing you to engage in two-way conversations on-screen and through the comments. In the coming weeks, LinkedIn will also roll out a stream targeting feature with 3rd party tools, including Restream, Wirecast and Socialive.
  • Post as a Page or member: You now have the ability to post as an individual or an organization. There is a new toggle switch on the homepage share box that allows you to post from the same place you already post on LinkedIn.
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