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wednesday16 Sep 2020

Facebook Is Launching A Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Program on Coursera

Facebook has partnered with online learning platform Coursera to launch a new, certified course in digital marketing, which will help the growing amount of people looking for digital skills to both improve their own knowledge and understanding, and get industry-recognized education in the field.

According to Facebook, the Professional Certificate program is self-paced and designed to be completed within 20 weeks, which includes 100 hours of hands-on, project-based training in applied social media tools and general marketing skills. After completing the program, learners will receive an industry-recognized certificate that they can use to apply for entry-level social media marketing roles.

Unlike Facebook’s various Blueprint training courses, this new, advanced certification is not available for free – at least not entirely. The course themselves, within the 20-week program, are available free of charge, but it will cost an additional $49 per month for “expert-grading, portfolio development and employer consortium”. So there are some costs involved, but you can get the basic training for free, if you need.

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