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sunday18 Oct 2020

Google Will Push out an Update By End of 2020 to Better Understand Subtopics Around an Interest

They are using AI to learn about these subtopics, which lets them capture the particular nuance of what each page is really about. They then use this information in ranking to show a wider range of results for broad queries, so they can be more helpful to all the types of people who want to find something that’s just right for their particular need.

As an example, if you search for β€œhome exercise equipment,” they can now understand relevant subtopics, such as budget equipment, premium picks, or small space ideas, and show a wider range of content for you on the search results page. They will start rolling this out by the end of this year.


Saijo doing an amazing job. As an SEO I am loving what is he doing. I don't have to worry about missing top news and updates since he sends all the updates in a single pack. Saijo saves me a lot of time and effort.

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