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thursday17 Sep 2020

Google Makes It Easier for Customers to Shop Safely from Local Stores with Nearby Filter

Here are a few ways Google has improved Shopping results on Google Search, to help you safely and easily support the stores in your community.

Nearby Filter – to see what’s locally available: Google makes it easy for you to see what’s available locally. Simply tap the Shopping tab, and select the Nearby filter at the top of the page or add “near me” to your search to view product options available from stores located near you.

Compare hours, locations and inventory:  This was initially announced in June. You can check each business’s opening and closing hours, as well as how far each store is from you. You’ll also get a preview of the items they sell that match what you searched for, with a carousel you can scroll through to see pictures and prices of the available products.

Curbside or in-store pickup: Not new we have seen these from April. If you’re worried about how to shop safely, Google make it easy to see which stores offer ways to minimize contact while shopping with labels to indicate if shops offer curbside or in-store pickup.


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