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friday22 May 2020

Exploring the Idea of using Googlebot’s Directive Approach to Robots.txt to Sculpting PageRank

A fascinating read that explores how Googlebot takes instructions in Robots.txt as a directive to possibly sculpt PageRank and prevent Googlebot from seeing what we don’t want them to see on our site, you could possibly block intrusive interstitials, A/B tests, etc.


Added to the top of my bookmarks. A terrific way to smartly keep up with SEO & marketing news while saving time


Cyrus Founder Zyppy

Kinsta SEO Strategist

Full Time Remote

Company : Kinsta

We are looking for an experienced, data-driven SEO Strategist who gets excited about meticulously analyzing mountains of data to tease out highly-targeted optimization opportunities. This role will not be responsible for creating…