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friday5 Mar 2021

Bing Rolls out More Visually Immersive SERPs with Interactive and Infographic-Inspired Experiences

Microsoft has just announced several updates to their Bing Search Engine that make the search experience more visually immersive. Here is a quick recap:

  • an updated recipes experience that extracts and aggregates the most relevant recipes content and presents it in a single view on the search results page. eg: fish tacos recipes
  • this experience also applies to  home improvement or for creative projects eg: DIY coffee table . They have also integrated visual search into the experience, so you can quickly search using an image. For example, in the “DIY coffee table” result, you may see wicker baskets that fit the table’s look and feel. With just a click, you’ll get image results of similar-looking items, and can directly click off to retailer sites to purchase a particular basket if you’re sold on it.
  • updates to our carousel experiences, with intuitive hover-over experiences that can help you, for example, quickly organize your book or movie lists. eg: chef documentaries
  • infographic-inspired experiences eg: “Kenya” or “giraffes”.
  • upgraded local answers results (USA only) – you’re trying to stay close to home and want to be a tourist in your own hometown. Search for things like “things to do in Seattle” or “Eiffel Tower”, and you’ll get aggregated information from a variety of sources. Instead of just a single carousel of images, or just a text summary of one aspect of what you’ve searched for.

As a searcher, I think these are really great at least in the examples shown and for general queries, I think Bing can work well. For example, if I want to learn more about “giraffes” I think bings’ SERPs looks better BUT when I am looking for specific things Google is still king at surfacing relevant content so my default search engine will stay as Google.



Saijo doing an amazing job. As an SEO I am loving what is he doing. I don't have to worry about missing top news and updates since he sends all the updates in a single pack. Saijo saves me a lot of time and effort.

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