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thursday9 Apr 2020

Bing Just Announced Support for max-snippet, max-image-preview and max-video-preview

Back in September 2019, Google introduced some robots meta tags and an HTML attribute to allow webmasters to have some more control over the snippets in the SERP and it looks like Bing has followed suit and now offer similar options for webmasters to control their snippets at Bing.

They announced tags, you can use these as robots meta tags in HTML or X-Robots-Tag tag in the HTTP Header and can be combined with other meta robots tags. Bing will be using these options as directive statement, not as hints, so if you add these Bing will apply them.

max-snippet:[number] – Specify the maximum text-length, in characters, of a snippet in search results.

  • If value = 0, we will not show a text snippet.
  • If value = -1, webmaster does not specify a limit.

max-image-preview:[value] – Specify the maximum size of an image preview in search results

  • If value = none, Bing will not show an image preview.
  • If value = standard, Bing may show a standard size image.
  • If value = large, Bing may show a standard or a large size image.
  • If value is not none and not standard and not large, webmaster does not specify a limit.

max-video-preview:[number] – Specify the maximum number of seconds (integer) of a video preview in search results.

  • If value = 0, Bing may show a static image of the video.
  • If value = -1, webmaster does not specify a limit.

These should start rolling out over the following weeks, it will start with web and news results, then for images, videos and finally for Bing answers results.

More info here.

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