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thursday17 Sep 2020

Google Extends Similar Audience Functionality to Connected TV Devices in Display & Video 360

Google has a blog post outlining some new things that have recently come to Display & Video 360:

  • Improve Display & Video 360’s forecasting tool by adding support for programmatic deals.
  • Making more popular YouTube inventory available in Display & Video 360. They have integrated YouTube TV into the list of YouTube content you can reserve and manage – accessible via the streaming TV lineup.
  • Exploring other innovative canvases for brands to increase awareness. For instance, media and entertainment marketers in the US are currently testing a new cinematic teaser format that fits the look and feel of Android TV’s home screen.
  • Extended similar audience functionality to connected TV devices in Display & Video 360. This feature allows you to find new connected TV viewers who share similarities with the audiences you already know.
  • Unique Reach Audience reporting. This report further extends unique reach measurement to include demographic insights. So while you could already answer the question ‘How many unique users did my ad reach?’, you can now also answer the question ‘How many unique users within a particular demographic did my ad reach?’
  • Using the IAB’s Identifier for Advertising (IFA) standard, we’ve added Unique Reach support for connected TV devices. This capability gives brands a more precise understanding of the impact of ads on connected TVs and better articulates their contribution to the overall reach and frequency performance of digital advertising.
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