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friday21 May 2021

Google Ads Introduces Account Monthly Spend Limits

After 2 decades, Google is finally introducing a new Monthly Spend Limit into ad accounts, Google has reached out to me to inform me that this is an experiment and not a feature launch. It allows advertisers to set a hard limit to how much all their campaigns spend every month!

Google’s Monthly Spend Limits is an optional feature that allows you to set the maximum amount that your Google Ads account can spend each month. Once enabled, Google will automatically pause your campaigns if your account reaches its spend limit, preventing you from overspending on your campaigns.


  • You’ll still have to set daily budgets for each of your campaigns.
  • Monthly Spend Limits only apply to future campaign spend.
  • and more

Update: 03 June 2021
Updated the article to show that this is NOT a feature launch but a test. Here is a statement from the Google rep.

The monthly spend limit features noted in the piece is an ongoing experiment available to a very small subset of Google Ads customers, not a launch and it is not generally available to all advertisers globally, at this time.  

We’re currently in the process of exploring ways to provide customers with better controls to manage their spend on Google Ads. We have nothing further to announce right now in regards to when or if this feature will launch to all advertisers.

Feel free to take a look at this article which explains spending limits in detail.

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We all have access to all the music in the world, as well as easy software and tools to create playlists, in any way we want.

Yet, if you’ve been to a party where someone tries to be the DJ using their phone, you’ve probably appreciated the need for a good DJ who can can select the right playlist for the right crowd, and knows exactly what the party needs, and when it needs it.

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