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thursday12 May 2022

WordPress’ Market Share Is Shrinking, Wix and Squarespace is Growing

If you look at W3Techs CMS market share numbers, WordPress’ market share is shrinking, losing 0.4% market share since February. If WordPress is shrinking, something else must be growing, this is, after all, a zero sum game. The very clear winners at the moment are Wix and Squarespace. Some other notable growers are Adobe, which is more on the enterprise side, and Webflow. Note that Elementor, which Yoast called out recently as being a major growth driver for WordPress, still seems to be growing. So WordPress is shrinking despite Elementor doing well.

WooCommerce, seems to be losing some market share too.

Yoast thinks WordPress, for the first time in a decade, is being out-“innovated”. Squarespace and Wix are just implementing best practices for both site speed and SEO. They are, however, rolling that out for all their users. So all of their users get better and better page speed performance and improved SEO. As a result more and more of their sites are doing well. This means the set of sites that W3Techs is measuring, changes. And thus the top 10 million sites in the world will have more Squarespace and Wix sites. Those sites are actually doing better than their WordPress competitors.


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