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friday7 Jan 2022

Cross-Channel Data-driven Attribution Model (DAA) Is Now Available In The Attribution Reports On GA4

The cross-channel data-driven attribution model (DDA) is now available in the Attribution reports (Conversion Paths and Model Comparison) within the Advertiser Workspace.

DDA and all rules-based attribution models have also been added to the property-level Reportring Attribution Model selector in Admin → Attribution Settings. User with the Editor role can modify this setting. It applies to the Total Conversions, Total Revenue, Total Ad Revenue, and Purchase Revenue metrics in any report where you can use event-scoped traffic dimensions (ie: Campaign, Source, Medium):

  • Conversion Details report (Reports > Engagement > Conversions > Select conversion to see details)
  • Explore (Create an exploration (ie: freeform) and select an event-scoped dimension and any relevant metrics)

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