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thursday11 Jun 2020

Use HTTP Header Document-Policy: force-load-at-top to Opt out of Scrolling Featured Snippets

A few days ago we told you about Google adding Scroll To Text Fragment to featured snippets, as expected not everyone is happy about users ending up halfway down the page with bold yellow highlights. It appears there is an HTTP header you can pass to prevent the page from auto-scrolling ( it might still leave the yellow highlighting place though )

Websites can use this document policy by serving the HTTP header.

Document-Policy: force-load-at-top

Apparently, this will NOT impact the site’s ability to show up for featured snippets and unlike the nosnippet meta tag which will disable the page’s ability to rank for featured snippets.

Be warned when you pass that HTTP header you are disabling all forms of auto-scrolling, including via text fragments, regular element fragments, and scroll restoration.

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