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thursday1 Oct 2020

Cloudflare Has An Audience Insight Tool to Gather Intel on Your Competition and a Trending Domains Dashboard

I am not sure if this is new but it’s not something I have come across in the past.

Cloudflare Radar – is a great little dashboard with a lot of handy stats like trending domains, popular domains, mobile vs desktop traffic over time, etc

They also have a website insight tool: eg you can pull up the insight for tldrMarketign from this link.

Here is a handy bookmarklet for it, Cloudflare Domain Insight. (On desktop just drag and drop the button to you bookmark bar, then when you go to a site click on that bookmark to load up the stats for that domain)
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Since I discovered tldr; marketing, I unsubscribed to other SEO newsletters. Why? It is the only one covering the most important news daily. And on top of this, I love the design of the email and website.

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