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thursday25 Nov 2021

Sitebulb v5.3 Has Arrived With Some New SEO Goodies!

Sitebulb is constantly evolving and improving to help make your SEO auditing easier. Here’s just a few of the latest additions:

  • New ‘audit completed’ email alert feature
  • Improved in-tool support
  • Updated structured data validation
  • Filtering options added to content search + extraction
  • Search field added to GA property list
  • More ways to view image ALT text
  • Re-jigged ‘Readability’ setting and turned it off by default
  • Updated Chrome to v93

If you’re already a Sitebulb user, make sure you update to the latest version here.

If you’re not yet using the tool, as a tl;dr Marketing newsletter subscriber, you can get 60 days to try out Sitebulb for free, plus they’ll plant a tree when you take the trial! Register here:


tl;dr Marketing is my favorite SEO newsletter. No fluff just thoughtfully curated content. Absolutely love that many articles are backed up by data.Hell, I would even pay for that newsletter. Thanks for your work, Saijo.