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friday26 Nov 2021

Introducing Freelancing Freedom Course. Grab it at 50% off for Black Friday

Get a shortcut to working with better clients who respect you and pay what you’re worth.

This course is for new and seasoned freelancers who are ready to step into their CEO role. It will help you avoid the most common mistakes that lead to undervaluing yourself and undercharging for your services.

The videos are short and concise, no fluff, just pure value.

You will see what’s holding you back, get the exact steps to set yourself free and start attracting better clients like a magnet.

You’ll also learn how to qualify prospects and position yourself as the expert you are.

I’ll also show you the exact steps to pricing your projects profitably. And you’ll get practical tips on how to avoid late payments for good.

The best thing? You get lifetime access and free updates for life.


tl;dr Marketing is my favorite SEO newsletter. No fluff just thoughtfully curated content. Absolutely love that many articles are backed up by data.Hell, I would even pay for that newsletter. Thanks for your work, Saijo.