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tuesday27 Oct 2020

YouTube Tests New Shorts Logo in App, Provides Tips on How to Get Videos Featured in Shorts Feed

YouTube is working on the next iteration of Shorts, its TikTok-like short video feed, with a new icon for the function now being tested in the Android app. YouTube officially announced the launch of Shorts in India late last month, where it’s looking to fill the gap left by the removal of TikTok in the region.

YouTube’s Creator Insider channel has also provided some additional tips on how creators can maximize their Shorts, which could help boost exposure for their content.

  • Adding the hashtag #Shorts to the title of your short video clips will increase your chances of appearing on the Shorts shelf
  • Creators should keep their short clips “highly visual and highly accessible”. Because people who see your Shorts might not be channel subscribers, creators should also avoid using any inside jokes, while you also shouldn’t spend too much time on ‘creating memes or titles, just make sure that you’re getting your message out there, keep it short and keep it sweet.’
  • YouTube also notes that your shorts video clip will also be available as standard YouTube videos as well, so creators need to consider whether the content fits into their regular programming schedule, and where it might fit into your broader channel content
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