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friday11 Jun 2021

YouTube Adds New Tools to Detect Copyright Violations and Block Them Within the Upload Process

YouTube is rolling out some new options to give users more capacity to stop copyright violations in uploads, and detect potential IP infringements within the app.

First off, YouTube is adding a new element in the copyright claim process which will enable creators to tick a new box when reporting a copyright violation in order to ‘Prevent copies of these videos appearing on YouTube going forward’ in the detection/removal options.

In order to provide insight into how effective the process is working for your claimed content, YouTube is also adding a new listing of how many videos have been blocked from being uploaded due to your claim.

Any such process can also be misused via fraudulent claims of videos for varying purposes. In such cases where the tool is applied based on a false claim, YouTube says that it will remove the option from those channels, or it may move to delete channels entirely in response.

You can read more about the new copyright detection and removal processes here.  

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We all have access to all the music in the world, as well as easy software and tools to create playlists, in any way we want.

Yet, if you’ve been to a party where someone tries to be the DJ using their phone, you’ve probably appreciated the need for a good DJ who can can select the right playlist for the right crowd, and knows exactly what the party needs, and when it needs it.

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