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tuesday20 Oct 2020

You Can Now Follow Topics in Facebook Watch Videos Plus New What’s Happening and Featured Sections

Facebook Watch is the go-to place to discover videos across Facebook from live events, to TV shows, sports, news or music videos. They are introducing some new features:

Topics in Watch:  in addition to following your favourite Pages and Profiles, you can now also follow topics. Topics let you personalize the videos that show up in your feed so it’s tailored to what you care about. Topics are available now in the US,  and only you will be able to see what topics you’ve selected.

What’s Happening and Featured sections: In the US and select markets, you’ll find What’s Happening and Featured sections in Watch. Videos in these sections are chosen by Facebook so you can catch up on timely and relevant moments, like the Television Academy’s annual Emmy Awards, MLB World Series highlights, etc.  Other sections include Most Haha’d This Week and Most Loved This Week so you can see the videos that other people are engaging with in Watch. In addition, you’ll see videos in your Watch feed based on what your friends are reacting to and what’s popular in your Groups.

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