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wednesday11 May 2022

Twitter Implements New Rules to Limit the Reach of Duplicated Tweets

Twitter’s launched some new, more specific rules around copy and pasted tweets, and how it will look to restrict content that re-shares the exact same wording.

So what happens if Twitter detects a replicated tweet?

The new policy outlines a range of potential penalties, including:

  • Making Tweets ineligible for amplification in Top Search results and on Trends
  • Not recommending Tweets in timelines of users who don’t follow the Tweet author
  • Downranking Tweets in replies
  • Excluding Tweets and/or accounts in email or in-product recommendations

In combination, these measures will reduce the visibility of these tweets – but then again, they’ll still appear in the timelines of people who follow each individual account, and they’ll still appear in specific search results on a topic.

Twitter also says that violations of these regulations won’t lead to account removals.

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