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wednesday3 Jun 2020

LinkedIn Introduces Retargeting Capabilities for Video Ads and Lead-Generation Forms

LinkedIn announced that they are introducing new capabilities to retarget by actions specifically Retargeting by Video and Lead Gen Forms. These features build on their current offering by helping you reach those most interested in your brand based on their actions with your ads, such as video views and Lead Gen Form interactions.

These new features enable you to:

  • Tailor your message to your objective. If you are running a video ad showcasing an upcoming event, you can retarget those who watched 75% or more of that video and invite them to register with a Sponsored Content ad.
  • Turn interest into conversions. If someone opens or submits a Lead Gen Form, you know there’s likely some interest, but they may not always convert the first time around. Now you can retarget those who opened or submitted a Lead Gen Form giving you another chance to re-engage the professionals who may have shown initial interest but did not ultimately convert.
  • Deepen the relationships with your key accounts. Today, many of you use LinkedIn’s account targeting to reach the right contacts for your account-based marketing campaigns. Now, with our expanded retargeting features you can market to the audience of influencers and buyers based on where they may be in their purchase process.

This feature will be available over the next month within Campaign Manager.

Another feature they announced today was the ability to retarget members who watched part or all of your Video Ads on LinkedIn or on the LinkedIn Audience Network to help you deliver messages throughout the buyer’s journey.

They are also integrating with  Integral Ad Science to automatically provides an additional layer of brand protection and contextual brand safety for all ads across LinkedIn Audience Network placements.

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