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friday4 Sep 2020

Facebook Has an Organic Video Post A/B Testing Tool in Beta

Organic Video Post Testing in Creator Studio lets you test 2-4 variations of a non-ad video post to see which one your audience likes most. During the test, the posts are circulated to your audience, but not posted to your Page. When the test ends, the winning post is automatically published on your Page.

This tool can help you choose the video post your audience responds to best, discover trends, and/or understand what kinds of creative content your audience responds to the best.

You’ll run full posts against each other in a post test. That means you can test any aspect of the post including:

  • Different edits of the video
  • Post content
  • Headlines
  • Thumbnails

The post testing tool is only available to specific partners. If you have access, you can find a Post Testing tab in the Content Library in Creator Studio.

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