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thursday10 Sep 2020

Facebook Announces New Limits on How Many Ads Pages Can Run Concurrently

After announcing a coming limit on how many ads a business Page can run at any given time in November last year, Facebook has now outlined exactly how its new regulations will apply, with four tiers of advertiser categories that will define how many ads each can run concurrently. Which, Facebook says, will help maximize ad performance.

The smallest Facebook advertisers will still be able to run 250 ads at once, which is a lot, especially given the spending thresholds. Though it may be problematic for advertisers with very deep pockets.

The new limits will come into effect from February 2021, with a rolling implementation for Pages from that time – so you still have some time to refine your ads down in order to meet the above thresholds. Advertisers will be able to see when their ad limit will go into effect within Ads Manager.

Update 07/10/2020:

They have started showing warning for it now

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