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monday15 Nov 2021

thruuu Launches SERP API for Your Google Scraping Needs

Scraping Google is not easy or cheap but if you are looking an API that can do it for you have a look at the new API from thruuu. You can use it to an access all the data from Google Search programmatically. Some of the features

  • The top 100 results on Google Search for any keyword, country, location or device
  • Statistics about word count, image count, content update
  • Headlines structure and content body for any pages
  • One page data such as metadata, schema and links
  • Keywords density and N-grams
  • And more…

tl;dr Marketing is my favorite SEO newsletter. No fluff just thoughtfully curated content. Absolutely love that many articles are backed up by data.Hell, I would even pay for that newsletter. Thanks for your work, Saijo.