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tuesday29 Sep 2020

SEO Test Shows Number Emoji in Meta Descriptions Had a Negative Impact on Organic Traffic

Some tests I have done in the past showed that emoji’s in the Title ( I tried ✅ and ❎ etc ) did have a positive impact but in a test with what looks like number emoji’s like 1️⃣,2️⃣, etc in the meta description the folks from Searchpilot saw a decline in CTR.

The test involved replacing the number of items listed in a website’s category page meta descriptions with the equivalent numerical emoji. For example, 125 would be replaced with 1️⃣2️⃣5️⃣. The hypothesis behind this was that the emoji would add some colour to the SERP listing, in a vertical where a lot of competitors have very similar results. This would ideally attract more clicks from the SERP.

The overall impact of this SEO split test was a 5% drop in organic traffic for the variant pages compared to their expected performance. This result was reflected across all device types, with a 9% decrease on mobile, and 4% on desktop.


tl;dr marketing is a huge timesaver, Saijo does an excellent job and has really saved me missing a few big things that would have otherwise slipped by. It's one of the only two marketing newsletters I subscribe to and a great resource for our podcast.


Mark Williams-Cook Director Candour