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wednesday29 Jan 2020

Search Console now has a Removals Report

Removals report in Search Console, which enables site owners to temporarily hide a page from appearing in Google Search results. The new report also provides info on pages on your site that have been reported via other Google public tools. The three main reports in this new section are temporary removals, outdated content and SafeSearch filtering requests.

  1. Temporary removals:  is a way to remove specific content on your site from Google Search results. For example, if you have a URL that you need to take off Google Search quickly, you should use this tool. A successful request lasts about six months, which should be enough for you to find a permanent solution. You have two types of requests available:
    • Temporary remove URL will hide the URL from Google Search results for about six months and clear the cached copy of the page.
    • Clear cache URL clears the cached page and wipes out the page description snippet in Search results until the page is crawled again.
  2. Outdated content: provides information on removal requests made through the public Remove Outdated Content tool, which can be used by anyone (not just site owners) to update search results showing information that is no longer present on a page.
  3. SafeSearch filtering:  shows a history of pages on your site that were reported by Google users as adult content using the SafeSearch Suggestion tool. URLs submitted using this tool are reviewed, and if Google feels that this content should be filtered from SafeSearch results, these URLs are tagged as adult content.

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