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wednesday29 Jan 2020 v6.0 is Out

There are a bunch of new things and I suggest having a read through Aaron Bradley’s post on the topic. Some of the highlights include:

  1. SportsEvent added to the domain for sport.
  2. itemOffered and offers are now “fully inverseOf each other”.
  3. Addition of the properties physicalRequirementsensoryRequirement and securityClearanceRequirement to JobPosting, in addition to properties added “to provide more information about the employer in JobPosting.”
  4. A number of improvements around real estate and accomodation, including new properties like accomodationFloorPlannumberOfFullBathrooms and yearBuilt.
  5. Add Guide and Recommendation as new types. ( can be used for Buying Guide, Product Guide, etc )
  6. Added isResizable to 3DModel.
  7. etc



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