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thursday21 May 2020

Physical Address vs. Mailing Address in Location Panel in SERPs

There is a major difference, as far as ranking goes, between what you think your address is (such as your mailing address) and what Google thinks your physical location is. This post from Colan Nielsen illustrates this in an easy to understand way.

Consider this listing for State Farm agent in Olathe, KS. According to the businesses website they are located in Olathe, KS. However, if you look at the physical boundary for Olathe on Google Maps you will see that they actually fall just outside of it. As a result of this, you can see that Google actually overrides their city with Lenexa in the knowledge panel.

What you will see is that this business ranks amazing for explicit queries with “Lenexa” (their physical location) but ranks horribly for explicit searches with “Olathe” (mailing address and where they consider themselves to actually be located).

They talk about some strategies to overcome this, #3 should be a fun one to bring up with your clients ?.


tldrMarketing has really impressed me with the useful information being shared and also the use of emerging technology - web stories. It was already becoming a great source of information for me, and sharing news in new engaging ways has made it my first web stop for SEO news.

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