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wednesday26 Aug 2020

Panera’s Off-Premise Delivery and Curbside Capabilities Now Available through Google Search, Maps, and Assistant

Panera (American chain store of bakery-café fast casual restaurants) is making it easier to order food through Google Search, Google Maps and Google Assistant. Available at participating bakery-cafes across the country, guests can easily order their Panera favorites through Google for contactless Curbside Pick-Up or Delivery with the touch of a button. For a limited time, guests who order Panera through Google will receive 20% off their first Delivery or Curbside Pick-Up order of $20 or more.

  • Google Search and Maps: Simply search for “Panera near me” on Google and you will be presented with an option to order your favorite food from your local bakery-cafe.
  • Google Assistant: On your Assistant-enabled Android or iOS phone, simply say “Hey Google, find Panera near me” to look up the Panera Bread location nearest to you and from there place your order at your local bakery-cafe.

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