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tuesday19 Apr 2022

How NewsGuard’s nutritional labels can help publishers avoid manual actions for medical content violations (Google News and Discover)

This article shows how NewsGuard could be helpful for sites publishing health and medical content. NewsGuard has a team of analysts (trained journalists) that review websites based on nine journalistic criteria, including credibility, transparency, and trust. They originally started by focusing on news organizations, but they have expanded to health and medical as well. For example, there is now a HealthGuard service that, “helps patients, healthcare workers, and anyone involved in the medical field identify trustworthy sources of health information — and avoid dangerous misinformation.”

If you are a site publishing health and medical content, then I would definitely put some checks in place to ensure you don’t receive a manual action for medical content. One solid approach could be adding checks using the NewsGuard plugin (which links to the nutritional labels). If you see red all over the label, you might want to be more cautious (or at least dig in further to learn more about that organization’s views).


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