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friday4 Sep 2020

Here is an Excel Knowledge Graph Audit Sheet

A big problem with most content audits is that they operate at a keyword level. Why look at how many times a word is used without considering its synonyms? Consider analyzing how the word “Pony” is used without seeing how that “horse” is used independently. These two words potentially mean the same thing in the context of a site. Then the phrase “Horse shoe” might also be used, which is an entirely different entity! Existing SEO Tool content analysis tools do not recognize the distinction. We know that Google does (or at least tries), because Paul Haahr of Google tells us so. He used the example “New York” as being neither “New” nor “York” (Google WMC, 2019).

A secondary problem is that many content analysis tools work on a page level. We wanted an audit tool that could work on a site level.

The folks from Inlinks have created a website Knowledge Graph Audit based around an Excel spreadsheet to solve that issue.


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