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friday17 Apr 2020

Google Starts to Display Nested Department in GMB Listings For Car Dealers

Google rolled out department listings for car dealers in January of 2018, allowing car dealers to have “nested” department GMB listings for parts and service, but for the main dealership entity, standard GMB rules have always applied. Without separate signage and a separate entrance, there could only be one GMB listing.

With an update in March, Google changed the rules and let dealers set up a separate listing for each brand they sell. For most dealers, this didn’t really matter. Dealership groups that sold multiple brands were already allowed to have separate listings since each brand operates out of a separate building and address.

  • Dealer X ( Offers: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram )
    • Dealer X Service
    • Dealer X Parts

After the update, if they added listings for each brand, they would go from 3 listings to 7:

  • Dealer X ( Offers: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram )
    • Dealer X Chrysler
    • Dealer X Dodge
    • Dealer X Jeep
    • Dealer X RAM
    • Dealer X Service
    • Dealer X Parts

With this new update, departments are listed front-and-center on the Google My Business panel – exactly like they list departments for big box stores like Sam’s Club or Costco.

If you’re a car dealer, make sure you get your department listings set up immediately – whichever departments you’re eligible for. One last note – this still only applies to new car dealers – if you’re an independent (used car) dealer, you’re still only allowed a single listing for your location.

Sample Query: Try searching for garber buick saginaw on Mobile or Desktop. I can see the nested departments from Melbourne.


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