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thursday21 May 2020

Google Starts to Ask for and Show Positive and Negative Attributes for Business Reviews

Google is now asking for additional positive and negative attributes about a business when leaving a review in most service area businesses (plumbing, hvac etc). These new attributes show at the top of the review with the wording “Positive” or “Critical” and then all that were selected by the user. These are currently visible in organic search via the business profile but are not visible yet for the same listing within Maps.

When leaving these new attributes, you are presented with negative attributes based on the star rating you have selected.

  • If you select 1 or 2 stars then “critical” attributes are presented as you are asked “What do you not like about this business?”
  • If you select a 3-star rating for your review, then no attributes are presented for selection.
  • If you select 4 or 5-stars for your review, you are then asked “What do you like about this business” and can select the positive attributes.
  • When a Google review is left for in-home service providers, users are presented the same attributes as salons and lawyers for quality, value, professionalism, and responsiveness. But an additional attribute is added for timeliness.

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