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wednesday19 May 2021

Google Search Will Prefetch Websites Built Using Signed Exchanges (SXGs)

This is something I missed earlier. Apparently, Google Search will now prefetch websites that are built with Signed Exchanges (SXGs) which will result in near-instant loading, which might be a good way to get those page experience scores up.

Google Search will cache and sometimes prefetch SXGs. For sites that receive a large portion of their traffic from Google Search, SXGs can be an important tool for delivering faster page loads to users.

Google Search uses SXGs to provide users with a faster page load experience for pages loaded from the search results page. Sites that receive significant traffic from Google Search can potentially see significant performance improvements by serving content as SXG.

In a test, saw LCP improved by 20% (300 milliseconds), 12% more user engagement and more.


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