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thursday15 Oct 2020

Google Says Desktop Only Content Will be Dropped from March 2021

Google’s John Mueller provided new information about the new Mobile First Index. The big news is that desktop only sites will be completely dropped from the index, gone. Additionally, there are bugs related to m-dot sites and affirmed that the date for switching over to a mobile index is firm and not likely to change.

The most important takeaway is his statement that desktop only sites will be dropped from the index. Not only that, but any images or other assets that are in a desktop version of a site will also be dropped from Google’s index.

M-dot sites might experience having desktop browser users sent to the mobile version of the site from Google’s SERPs. If this is you, it’s recommended to detect desktop browsers and redirect them to the correct desktop version.


tl;dr marketing is a huge timesaver, Saijo does an excellent job and has really saved me missing a few big things that would have otherwise slipped by. It's one of the only two marketing newsletters I subscribe to and a great resource for our podcast.


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