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wednesday25 Aug 2021

Google Publishes A Post On How They Generate Web Page Titles

With the recent update to the way Titles are shown on SERPs Google has pushed out a help document on how they generate titles in SERPs.

Some highlights

  • We are making use of text that humans can visually see when they arrive at a web page.
  • Other text contained in the page might be considered, as might be text within links that point at pages.
  • Overall, our update is designed to produce more readable and accessible titles for pages. In some cases, we may add site names where that is seen as helpful. In other instances, when encountering an extremely long title, we might select the most relevant portion rather than starting at the beginning and truncating more useful parts.
  • Of all the ways we generate titles, content from HTML title tags is still by far the most likely used, more than 80% of the time.
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