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friday2 Oct 2020

Google Merchant Center Is Adding Two New Performance Metrics: Return Defects and Delivery Defects

Google is launching two new performance metrics: “Return defects” and “Delivery defects” by November 1st 2020.

Return defects: These error types apply anytime an item’s return is not processed within 2 business days of delivery at your return facility. You’ll be able to monitor performance of this defect starting on November 1st. The first score impacted will be March 1, 2021 and will lookback to defects as early as November 24, 2020.

Delivery defects: They have created a new category for “shipped on-time, delivered late” defects called “Delivery defects.” These will no longer be counted under the overarching category of “shipping defects.” (This means they have adjusted the threshold for shipping defects, since delivery defects will no longer be considered part of this category.) This change is intended to allow for greater flexibility and better monitoring of carrier performance.

The Retailer Standards program will now be made of up of the following metrics:

  • Return defects: Process all returns within 2 business days of delivery scan at your facility.
  • Delivery defects: Ensure configured transit times accurately represent carrier performance.
  • Shipping defects: Ship items on-time and provide accurate tracking numbers.
  • Item defects: Ensure inventory is accurately reported and available for shipment.

Different counties will have different threshold values check out the help documentation for more info.

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We all have access to all the music in the world, as well as easy software and tools to create playlists, in any way we want.

Yet, if you’ve been to a party where someone tries to be the DJ using their phone, you’ve probably appreciated the need for a good DJ who can can select the right playlist for the right crowd, and knows exactly what the party needs, and when it needs it.

Saijo is The DJ when it comes to digital marketing news.