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wednesday22 Apr 2020

Google May Now Suggests Alternate Searches Based on Your Recent Activity

Some users are noticing Google’s web search interface suggesting an alternate search query based on your recent search (and possibly other) activity. How can this be useful? You could be looking at a window cleaning company called Apex, as an example. If you type “apex reviews” into Google to check on the company’s reputation, chances are you’ll find reviews for a video game. Google offering an “Apex window cleaning reviews” suggestion would then help you get what you’re trying to find.

This feature seems to be rolling out silently through a server-side update, and there aren’t many accounts of it being live, so it could be a while before you see it on your device. There’s also a small possibility this is merely a new UI/UX test, and that Google is seeing how people react to suggestions based on their activity before deciding on whether to make it a permanent fixture in search.


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