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wednesday11 May 2022

Google Launches Extended News Previews Program in Germany and Hungary

The Extended News Previews program (ENP) is Google’s initiative responding to the requirements of Article 15 of the 2019 European Directive on Copyright in the Single Market. Under this law, some uses of press publication content by online platforms require authorization by the publisher of the content. The use of links and very short extracts of press publications does not require authorization. ENP, or Extended News Previews, refers to the use of preview content in search results that goes beyond those short extracts and hyperlinks

Google offers ENP agreements to news websites covered by the law in order to show preview content such as snippets and thumbnails that may be covered by the law, in exchange for a licensing fee from Google.

News website owners can decide whether they want to sign an ENP agreement with Google. Sites may remain in Google Search and other products without participating in ENP.

Eligible publishers can use Search Console to manage your site’s enrollment in the ENP program.

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Google Launches Extended News Previews Program in Germany and Hungary 1 - SEO News

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