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tuesday4 May 2021

Google Adds Links To SERP Pages In Featured Snippets
  1. Google Tests Featured Snippet With Google Hosted Content With Publisher Info Hidden in Hover Over Modal Window
  2. Google Tests Featured Snippet with Multiple Inline Links That Opens Modal Window with More Info
  3. Google Adds Links To SERP Pages In Featured Snippets

Google is adding links to featured snippets that when clicked on sends the searcher to a new set of search results at Google.

Previously, Google began testing showing links in featured snippets to third-party sites. But here, Google is adapting the content from your site and adding hyperlinks not to third-party sites but to see more search results.

A Google spokesperson has confirmed this was a bug and not the intended behaviour they want to have in featured snippets and they are working on a fix.

Remember a time when bugs used to break the system, this bug is so sophisticated it works like a feature. Who are you trying to fool Google, you should have just said this was boo boo on our end we weren’t supposed to make it public, just yet.


Saijo doing an amazing job. As an SEO I am loving what is he doing. I don't have to worry about missing top news and updates since he sends all the updates in a single pack. Saijo saves me a lot of time and effort.

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