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thursday19 May 2022

BERT Semantic Interlinking Tool using internal_html.csv file from ScreamingFrog

Find related pages to interlink using the internal_html.csv file from Screamingfrog

The app lets you find

  • Find Related Products & Blogs
  • Find Supporting Content for Category Pages
  • Find Related Pages to Crosslink
  • Group Similar Pages
  • Ability to filter on a source / destination URLs types
  • Ability to select cluster size & accuracy
  • Cluster any column! H1’s column is good, but also works with page titles, and content (Requires custom extraction).
  • and more

I love tl;dr Marketing because I can get all the latest SEO news and trends in one spot without having to read lengthy articles. I really look forward to the daily emails to see what's new in our industry!

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