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friday9 Jul 2021

An Easy Way To Download Images From Google Docs

If you use Google docs you might have run into situations where you want to download an image quickly and hit a brick wall because there is no easy way to do it. You can export it as a webpage and get the image but that takes a lot of time for something so simple.

Thankful, there is this handy web app built by John Mueller where you can copy-paste the content from the doc, hit the process button and it will give you the link to the image.


We all have access to all the music in the world, as well as easy software and tools to create playlists, in any way we want.

Yet, if you’ve been to a party where someone tries to be the DJ using their phone, you’ve probably appreciated the need for a good DJ who can can select the right playlist for the right crowd, and knows exactly what the party needs, and when it needs it.

Saijo is The DJ when it comes to digital marketing news.