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tuesday24 Mar 2020

There Are Four New Asset Reporting Updates for App Campaigns in Google Ads

Google is rolling out four new asset reporting updates for App campaigns to provide you with more helpful, detailed and actionable insights. When you create an App campaign, your ads are built using the assets you add during campaign setup (for example: text ideas, images, videos, and assets from your app store page). Once a campaign is running, you can see the performance of each asset by looking at your asset report.

  • Get clearer guidance on performance ratings – Tooltips for performance ratings help you understand how Google define their “low”, “good”, and “best” asset ratings. Every tooltip—visible when you hover over a rating—recommends an action you should take with that specific asset.
  • Keep better tabs on your assets (coming in weeks) – They are adding two new columns in asset reporting at the ad group level: one for asset source, and a second for orientation. You will be able to determine which assets are those you uploaded during your App campaign setup, and next to your images and videos, you’ll also see their orientations (landscape, portrait, square).
  • Track performance changes over time (coming in April) – Your ad assets’ performance is always changing. They are introducing performance charts that enable you to view performance changes for your assets over time. You will be able to select date ranges and various metrics against which to evaluate performance movement. If you have similar assets that share the same performance rating, you can look to their performance trends in the charts to guide your decision on which to retain or replace.
  • Preview your assets before they go live (coming in April)– Ad previews let you preview how your creatives may show up to users who see your ads. Click on “View ad previews” in the asset column of your report, and our ad previews tool will show you sample ads assembled from your assets as they might appear in all eligible App campaign placements.
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