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wednesday26 Aug 2020

The New AdSense Reporting Is Live

Google just announced a new version of AdSense reporting. They are launching it in phases, so it might be a week or two before you see it in your own account. When your account is updated, you’ll automatically be opted in the new reporting experience. You can switch between the old and new reports by clicking the toggle at the top of the page. In September they will retire the old reporting page.

They are limiting reporting data to three years for all AdSense products such as Adsense for content, AdSense for search, etc., and removing YouTube and AdMob data from AdSense reports.

New features include

  • Simpler to use: Interface is redesigned to make it easier to select date ranges, filters, breakdowns etc. We’ve also removed metric families and added a new metrics picker.
  • Easier to visualize: Charts are improved and more closely integrated with the table. You can now display each data series on a chart with a single click.
  • Better experience on mobile: Reporting is now mobile-optimized page to provide the same improvements on desktop and mobile devices.
  • More supportive: More in-product help is available for you to hover over the information icons in the interface to get explanations of metrics.
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