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wednesday16 Sep 2020

Programmatic Guaranteed in Display & Video 360 Adds Support for Google Audiences and Other New Features

Some of the new features coming to Programmatic Guaranteed are

  • Google is adding support for Google Audiences in Programmatic Guaranteed so you can reach people with more precision, giving you more control over how you execute your media buy, and expanding access to premium inventory.
  • Programmatic Guaranteed also now supports makegoods, so if a campaign doesn’t go according to plans, publishers will be able to offer extra impressions to make up for delivery issues.
  •  In addition to cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) and cost-per day (CPD) sponsorships, you’ll be able to set up the sponsorship by day part or percent of share of voice.
  • Programmatic Guaranteed supports four new exchanges: FreeWheel, Kargo, Smartclip and Xandr.

More info in their help documentation.

NOTE: the Google post is future dated to Sep 19th so these might not be available just yet but are coming very soon.

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