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thursday7 May 2020

Parallel Tracking Becomes Mandatory for Microsoft Ads Account Created After 31st May 2020

In traditional sequential tracking, when an ad click occurs, the consumer is taken through a series of redirects before landing on the final URL. With parallel tracking, the consumer is taken directly to your final URL while all the click-measurement processing is done in the background. That means a much faster page load time.

For all accounts created after May 31, 2020, parallel tracking will be mandatory. For all existing accounts created before this date, parallel tracking will be optional until November 15, 2020, by which time we expect parallel tracking to be mandatory for all accounts regardless of creation date. For existing accounts, you can enable this feature any time before November, by visiting your Account level options within the Shared Library page.

Check out the help page for more info to the initial post about the announcement.

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